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LAPHINY is a gender neutral bag collection designed for the modern lifestyle.

The concept of LAPHINY was shaped by founder and frequent traveler Sorn Nonn’s experiences living in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and NYC.  Whether riding on the crowded and chaotic subways of NYC or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in Los Angeles, her daily commute brought to her attention the importance of a well thought out bag that was more than just utilitarian.  The collections, at their core, utilize a convertible concept that focuses on the commuter. They’re designed and engineered with your everyday journey in mind.


In 2016, Nonn established LAPHINY, a luxury label for accessory leather goods.  The design cues elegantly incorporate clean lines without sacrificing a chic modern aesthetic.  By fusing practicality and sleek sophistication, a bold yet tasteful and universal appearance is achieved.  The Folio and Back Pack from the last collection are designed to effortlessly get you through your workday and easily convert for what comes next…whether your evening plans involve a workout at the gym or a night out on the town.


From the weekender travel bag to the everyday tote, LAPHINY is a handbag & accessory brand that comfortably inhabits a space in both the high streets and high fashion. We pride ourselves on our obsessive attention to leather craftsmanship and fine finishing details.


The versatility and timeless styling of our product will be an exquisite addition to your overall fashion.  From the urban, gig based professional to the everyday smart commuter, LAPHINY is sure to complement your ensemble.  Our refined design accents appeal to those consummate tastemakers with an eye toward minimalism regardless of gender.


Since its debut, the brand has been featured in several leading lifestyle magazines including British Vogue, LA Fashion, Conde Nast, GQ and Squaremile.






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