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LAPHINY is a gender neutral bag collection designed for the modern lifestyle.

Founded by avid traveler Sorn Nonn, LAPHINY is more than just a gender-neutral bag collection; it's a reflection of a modern, eco-conscious lifestyle. Inspired by Sorn's experiences living in bustling cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and NYC, LAPHINY is a tribute to the daily commuter needs and a shift towards upcycled and circular fashion.


Established in 2016, LAPHINY redefines luxury leather goods with clean lines and a chic, modern aesthetic. We seamlessly blend practicality and sophistication to create versatile pieces like the Folio and Backpack from our latest collection, designed to effortlessly transition from work to play.


From weekender travel bags to everyday totes, LAPHINY comfortably straddles the worlds of high street and conscious fashion. Our commitment to leather craftsmanship and attention to fine finishing details is unwavering. The timeless styling and adaptability of our products make them the perfect addition to any fashion-conscious individual, from urban professionals to smart commuters, irrespective of gender.


Since our debut, LAPHINY has been featured in renowned lifestyle magazines such as British Vogue, LA Fashion, Conde Nast, GQ, and Squaremile. Our journey continues as we explore the realms of upcycled and circular fashion, staying true to our commitment to both style and sustainability.





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